Saitek Challenge Game 5

I’m playing a ten game match between my old Saitek chess computer (circa 1993) and MadChess, a chess engine I wrote.

MadChess wins again. MadChess leads wins the match, 5-0. This is a rout. I’m calling the match after five games. MadChess wins decisively.

Analysis by the Komodo 5.1 chess engine. Komodo indicates where MadChess blundered one pawn or worse.

  • Time Control
    • Saitek: None. Level 4E
    • MadChess: 1 second per move
  • Opening Book
    • Saitek: Built in book
    • MadChess: standard Shredder book (up to move 8)

Saitek Challenge Games

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