MadChess 3.1 Beta d691b32 (Pawn Structure)

I added evaluation of two pawn structure features to MadChess 3.1 Beta. Isolated Pawns Doubled Pawns In addition to pawn structure evaluation, I made other code quality improvements in a series of Pull Requests. PR 24: Upgrade to .NET 6 PR 25: Tune Quiet Positions: Added UCI command that exports quiet positions (static score and quiet score differ <= given centipawns) from a PGN file. Tuner calls Eval.GetStaticScore against QuietPositions.txt instead of Search.GetQuietScore against Games.pgn. PR 26: Lone King Evaluation: Consider any endgame with lone king a simple endgame (instead of only K vrs KQ or KR). PR 27: Remove… Continue Reading