MadChess 1.0 Released

I have renamed my chess program. Considering my family name is Madsen, I went with the obvious: MadChess.

MadChess 1.0 is 150 Elo stronger than its predecessor, RumbleMinze 1.0.33. MadChess 1.0 is nearly equal in strength to MicroMax 4.8 and Roce 0.0390 in bullet chess (2 min / game + 1 sec / move). It is slightly weaker than Faile 1.4.

Most of the strength increase is due to incremental move generation (using the C# yield statement) and an incrementally updated list of attackers for any rank, file, upward diagonal, or downward diagonal. This speeds up capture generation and check detection. See TalkChess for details. Some strength was gained by fixing a bug involving storing / retrieving mate scores in the hashtable.

Source code and EXEs available on the Downloads page.

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