Saitek Challenge Game 1

I’m playing a ten game match between my old Saitek chess computer (circa 1993) and MadChess, a chess engine I wrote.

The first game is complete. MadChess won convincingly. MadChess protected its king while attacking the opposing king, busting open the white defense and winning two pawns.

2k1r3/p2p1p2/2pb1p2/6pp/B1bP4/5P1P/PPPB2P1/R2K4 b - - 3 25

After 25.Bd2. Black to move. White’s kingside pawns are vulnerable.

MadChess played Bf1 then pushed the f pawn. After winning a bishop when the f pawn promoted, MadChess pushed the h pawn. The white king was unable to stop the pawn’s advance and MadChess promoted it to a queen, coordinated its movements with the black bishop, and checkmated the white king on the h file.

Analysis by the Shredder 12 chess engine. Shredder finds blunders of one pawn or worse.

  • Time Control
    • Saitek: None. Level 4E
    • MadChess: 1 second per move
  • Opening Book
    • Saitek: Built in book
    • MadChess: None

Saitek Challenge Games

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