Saitek Challenge Game 3

I’m playing a ten game match between my old Saitek chess computer (circa 1993) and MadChess, a chess engine I wrote.

I enabled the standard Shredder book (up to move 8) for MadChess, to ensure MadChess and the Saitek did not repeat moves from a previous game. MadChess wins easily by swapping off pieces, flushing out the white king to the middle of the board, positioning its rook to cut off the white king’s retreat, then advancing all its kingside pawns.

MadChess leads the match, 3-0.

Analysis by the Shredder 12 chess engine.  Shredder finds blunders of one pawn or worse.

  • Time Control
    • Saitek: None. Level 4E
    • MadChess: 1 second per move
  • Opening Book
    • Saitek: Built in book
    • MadChess: standard Shredder book (up to move 8)

Saitek Challenge Games

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