MadChess 1.3 Released

I’ve added 50 to 90 Elo to MadChess, depending on the time control. I’ve finally broken the master barrier (2200 Elo)! I estimate MadChess’ playing strength is ~2200 Elo at blitz time control and ~2220 Elo at rapid time control.

Source code and EXEs available on the Downloads page.

  1. Added parameters to weaken engine strength (Score Error and Max Nodes Per Second), though I did not test them thoroughly.
  2. Calculate piece location score in evaluation instead of incrementally during move generation.
  3. Replaced yield-based move selectors with state-machine move selectors due to poor performance of iterators in recursive search algorithm.
  4. More aggressive late move reductions.
  5. Added multiple buckets per position cache key.
  6. Added draw detection for common endgames.
  7. Added penalty for own rook ahead of own passed pawn.
  8. Added command to test move generation.
  9. Eliminated personality parameter. Configure parameters in GUI and save as .uci file instead.
  10. Eliminated attacks list.
  11. Eliminated unneeded interfaces and abstract classes.
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