Play Rather Than Code

Watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix nudged me to play chess online. I’ve spent time on chess over the last few years… programming an engine, not actually playing. I’m very rusty. Though my puzzle rating is decent. It’s much higher than my game rating, suggesting I need to work on time management. Thinking fast is not my strength, but everyone online plays blitz or bullet so here goes nothing…

Last night I joined a bullet tournament with a 2+1 clock. Each player has 2 minutes to make all their moves in the game, plus 1 second added to their clock after each move. Many of the games I played were blunder fests. But I managed to play solidly in a few. Here’s a well played game considering I’m making most of my moves in like 2 or 3 seconds. I play white (DamageInkk). Afterwards I had MadChess analyze the game. Converting a “won” game is not inevitable for a patzer like me, especially with the time pressure, so I was glad to do it and glad to see MadChess confirm I played accurately from move 16 on.

I like the checkmate configuration at the end of the game: My opponent chases my pawn, walking right into a discovered check / pawn promotion mate.

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