Missed Opportunity in the Endgame

I’ve been playing chess against my engine recently, using a beautiful 23″ wooden board by Drueke, with my notebook PC off to the side.  I set the time control to 25 min + 10 sec / move and give myself an extra 5 minutes per game (more time than MadChess) to make the moves on the board and the PC.  I figure that’s fair- it averages to 5 seconds per move over 60 moves. Since MadChess plays chess as well as an international master (slightly below a grand master), and I am nowhere near that strong, I handicapped it to… Continue Reading

A Game with All the Right Moves

I played a blitz game recently on Chess.com where throughout the entire game I felt a sense of heightened alertness- that I just understood the position and was quickly spotting threats and tactics. My opponent made a number of weak moves (yes, we’re both patzers), but I felt I found all the right moves- the most forcing, decisive replies to capitalize on his mistakes. After the game I asked my chess engine, MadChess, to analyze the game and suggest where I could have played better. To my surprise, MadChess could not find any improvements in my play. OK, I thought,… Continue Reading