Bullet Tournament on New PC

I ran a bullet chess tournament on my new PC, organized into four divisions of 12 chess engines of similar strength. Within each division, the engines played a round-robin tournament of 100 games against each engine (50 rounds, play each opening twice). In addition to these four round-robin tournaments, I ran three cross-divisional tournaments (1-2, 2-3, 3-4), pitting the three weakest engines from the higher division against the three strongest engines from the lower division. The cross-divisional tournaments are necessary to eliminate isolated engine groups and enable Ordo to converge on estimated ratings.

MadChess 2.2 is rated 2439 at bullet chess. See Bullet Ratings for details.

See the Tournaments page for details regarding tournament software, configuration, and my efforts to eliminate invalid games and ensure accurate measurements of chess engine strength.

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